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Red Wines.



Aromas: dark ripe cherries and forest floor.

Palate: complex but smooth red fruits, spicy vanilla and toasted oak.

Pairs with: chicken cordon bleu or stir-fried prawns and veggies.

Pinot Noir 2018


Psyrah 2016


Aromas: blueberry, boysenberry, light spice, and vanilla.

Palate: black fruit and toasted oak give it a lovely, silky mouthfeel.

Pairs with: pot roasts, grilled steak, or even glazed Asian BBQ pork.


Merlot Cab 2016



Aromas: complex sweet dark fruit, vanilla, cigar box and spice.

Palate: blackberries, black currants, pepper and a hint of leather.

Pairs with: braised lamb or slow-cooked beef.


Hot Pursuit 2016


Gold Medal Winner

Aromas: complex savoury/ meaty notes & dried fruits, spice, black pepper.

Palate: very full bodied spicy red & black fruits ample tannins long finish.

Pairs with: braised red meats, game meats rich stews.


Cab Sauv Reserve 2016


Gold Medal Winner

Aromas: ripe dark fruit, vanilla, and a hint of leather and toasted oak.

Palate: black cherry, sweet spice and a touch of black pepper.

Pairs with: simply-prepared red meat with a rich mac and cheese and roasted garlic mushrooms.


Beso Dulce 2018


Tasting room favourite.

Aromas: strawberry, red fruit, pepper & vanilla Taste: off-dry, smooth & soft

Pairs with: chocolate, cherry pie, cheesecake. 


Cab Franc 2016


Aromas: cassis, bell pepper, dark cherries and a hint of leather.

Palate: full bodied ripe blackberries, anise and a touch of pepper.

Pairs with: wine braised red meats, meat filled pastas in tomato sauce.

cab franc 2015.jpg

Cab Franc 2015


Silver Medal Winner 

Aromas: raspberries, dark cherries, vanilla, and spice.

Palate: raspberry, black pepper, a hint of leather and malted caramel.

Pairs with: roast chicken, turkey dinners and glazed duck.

Hot Pursuit 2015.jpg

Hot Pursuit 2015


Aromas: smoky spicy woods, complex red & black fruits, leather and earth.

Palate: complex & smooth, red & black fruits, toasted oak, leather and earth.

Pairs with: pasta, takeout pizza, ribs, burgers.

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