White Wines.

White wines tend to be focused on the fresh fruit flavours. In the fall, grapes are harvested when sufficiently ripe. Young grapes tend to have lower sugar and much higher acidity but when fully ripe acidity and sugar levels are in balance and the varietal flavours have developed. Grapes will be destemmed and crushed to release the juice. Many of these flavours are bound in the skins. A period of soaking will help to extract these flavours into the juice. The crushed grapes are then pressed and the collected juice is allowed to settle and clear juice is transferred to the fermentor.


Yeast is added to the juice. Many different strains of yeast are available to develop the characteristic flavours of each grape. When the ferment has finished, yeast and grape solids can settle and the new wine is transferred again. Usually, all this activity occurs in stainless steel fermentors which will not impart any added flavours. Some wines such as Chardonnay benefit from being fermented in oak barrels. Prior to bottling, the wine will be adjusted for sulphite levels to prevent future oxidation and then filtered to produce a sparkling clean product. We choose to package or wines in screw cap bottles as this method maintains the flavours and quality.


Estate Grown Pinot Gris

Aromas: Cherry, ripe stone fruit & floral notes

Taste: Off-dry, crisp and viscous texture

Contact 2018

Sara's Reserve


Only 50 cases produced

Aromas: Spice, pine, apple

Taste: Dry, rich & luxurious


YEE HAW 2018


Aromas: Honey, pear, tropical fruits

Taste: Off-dry, light & floral



Sippin' Pretty 2018

Coming Soon...

Blend of Estate and Okanagan Grapes

Aromas: Sweet floral, melon, peach

Taste: Off-dry, crisp, light

Suzie Q 2018



Aromas: Flowers, honeycomb, citrus

Taste: Sweet, crisp acidity & a long finish


Schonburger 2017


Gold Winner at Fingerlakes International Wine Competition

Aromas: Sweet spice, exotic floral, lychee

Taste: Lychee, melon, spice


Back 40 2017


Blend of Estate Grape

Aromas: Light spice & fruit

Taste: Light off-dry & crisp


Chardonnay 2016


Bronze Winner at Finger Lakes International Wine Competition 

Aromas: Guava, pineapple, coconut & oak

Taste: Dry, citrus, ripe tropical fruit & oak

Sippin' Pretty 2017


Blend of Estate Schonburher & Chardonnay

Aromas: Tropical & stone fruit, spiced caramel

Taste: Lychee, apple, pear & rosewater



Estate Grown Schonburger

Aromas: Spice, citrus, floral

Taste: Dry, crisp and spicy

Back 40 2018

Coming soon...

Perfect Blend of Estate Grapes 




Pinot Grigio 2018





Beso Dulce White


Sweet Kiss

Aromas: Tropical fruit, spice & honeycomb

Taste: Sweet, fruity & crisp

Chardonnay Reserve


Aromas: Earth, butter, toasted oak, caramel Taste: Dry, oaked & viscous

Pinot Gris 2016


Bronze Winner at Fingerlakes International Wine Competition



Viognier 2017


Tasting staff favourite 

Aromas: Peaches, papaya, coconut & vanilla

Taste: Citrus zest, peach, apricot & tropical fruit

Gewurztraminer 2017


Gold Winner at Finger Lakes International Wine Competition

Aromas: Rosewater, lychee, pear & sweet spice

Taste: Lychee, sweet spice, citrus & rosewater

Sippin' Pretty 2016


Blend of Estate Schonburger & Chardonnay

Aromas: Granny smith apples, musk melon

Taste: Honeydew, pear, lychee &apricot

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